Islam in Sri Lanka is practiced by a group of minorities who make up approximately 8% of the population.[1][2] The Muslim community is divided into three main ethnic groups: the Sri Lankan Moors, the Indian Muslims, and the Malays, each with its own history and traditions. The attitude among the majority of people in Sri Lanka is to use the term '"Muslim" as an ethnic group, specifically when referring to Sri Lankan Moors.

Another 1400 flood affected families served with N

1400 flood affected families of Batticaloa and Amparai district were served with 1400 packs of non food items. The pack was consisted of each mosquito net, large bed sheet, large towel, sleeping mat, sanitary napkin, silver cup and 2 silver plates along with two biscuit packets in addition to NFI. 

Islamic Relief worldwide funded for this   project as initial contribution of Islamic Relief for Sri Lankan flood affected communities. MFCD preparing to serve another 3000 families from the same districts with a different pack funded by consortium of British Humanitarian Agencies through Islamic relief worldwide.
The beneficiaries were selected in coordination with divisional secretariat divisions, other humanitarian and relief agencies and the respective religious administration of the areas.



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